The ancient classical dance form of India - Bharathanatyam has brought this group of young dance artists together in Srishti - The Creation. The members of Srishti are individually well trained in the art and have been performing at many pre stigious platforms for over a decade. .
It is a well known fact that it takes a good teacher to bring out the best in her students. In saying so, Srishti is extremely proud to carry on the lineage of Guru Smt Padmini Ravi delineated in every rendering of the dance form.

A strong sense of the style and clarity of posture developed by their guru permeates every production of Srishti.The members of Srishti have shared a lot of precious moments and camaraderie during their training under their Guru at Pradhan Dance Center.

Their passion and dedication towards dance have helped them to get together again as a group after a gap of a few years with their journey in life bringing them to the United States.
Srishti  The Creation looks forward to providing their audience with the exhilaration of experiencing quality dance performances and productions in Bharathanatyam, folk and free style dancing.

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